Slotomania Cheats Free Coins and Club Points – No Survey

Slotomania Cheats No Survey

Finally, a new exciting tool have been released which was the BEST SLOTOMANIA CHEATS to get FREE COINS AND CLUB POINTS. Slotomania by Playtika LTD intended for iPhone, iPad and Android. It is a free facebook game application. This game is designed for players who like to gamble, spending spare time.

At Slotomania, you can start playing your favorite slot games with crazy graphics, top of the line sound effects, and hundreds of variations to choose from.

Join the amazing free slots experience played by millions on the web, Facebook, iPhone, iPad, Android, Amazon and Windows Phone.

Play free slot games at the casino that has MILLIONS of fans! Slotomania has incredible slot machine games for free! Collect your FREE BONUS coins, spin and win big with Slotomania’s slots games and feel like you’re at your favorite Las Vegas casino!


In SLOTOMANIA, there were many ways on how to get coins including the following in this list :

  • 10,000 COIN WELCOME BONUS to get you started with wild casino slot machines!
  • Casino bonuses every 3 hours.
  • Play more to collect coins in your Piggy-Bank!
  • Level-Up Casino bonuses, Lotto & Mega bonuses!
  • Mega Bonus Symbols, Sticky Wilds, Free Spins and Re-Spins!
  • Jackpots with great FREE slots payouts!


  1. Unlimited Coins via SLOTOMANIA Cheats
  2. Unlimited CLUB POINTS via SLOTOMANIA Cheats
  3. Server based(Hack is online based)
  4. No download(No risk of downloading virus)
  5. Works on Android/iOS
  6. Anti-Ban Script
  7. Automatic Updates

SLOTOMANIA Cheats Free Coins and Club Points Hack No Survey



  1. Click The “ACCESS ONLINE GENERATOR” to access SLOTOMANIA Cheats.
  2. Enter username/email of your account.
  3. Choose your desired amount of Slotomania Coins.
  4. Choose your desired amount of Slotomania Club Points.
  5. Proceed to last step.

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Social casino at its best! Play Casino Slots with your Facebook friends, join live social slots tournaments, collect/send gift cards, casino games invites and much more!

This game is designed to make players lose coins, and coerced to buy more coins using paypal. It is very easy to level up compared to other games. I reached level 241 in less than a week. In the start of playing this game, you may find that it is a boring game, you will keep getting bankrupt, and trying to add more friends to get free gifts. However when you reach a certain level or coins, the game will be completely fun to play, as you are betting millions of coins for each spin.

  1. Focus

    This is important today we are so accustomed to surfing Facebook, Twitter, News, etc. Don’t do that if you want to level up fast please focus on merely Slotomania only. Just keep spinning and spinning. Keep pressing on the spin button. You will be surprise how fast you level up. I have tested this method works for me. Distractions only slows down your leveling speed. Agree? In 2 seconds, you can make 1 spin on Slotomania. In 1 minute you can make 30 spins on Slotomania.

  2. Buy SR Points

    You may ask me how to buy SR points. The reason to buy SR points is to level up your SR status so that you get high SR status. High SR status benefits you by helping you to get multiple times more coins than normal playing. Especially if you are in a diamond SR status, I have no words to describe it if you are on diamond SR status, as you will level up in no time… I’m not joking. Ask all the level 1000+ players they will totally agree what I’m saying now as this is the top secret tip they told me.

  3. Use Multiple Devices and your computer

    What I mean is do you know that you can open Facebook in multiple browsers in multiple devices (iPhone, iPad, Desktop computers, whenever devices that can launch Facebook counts.) You can use multiple devices to play 1 Slotomania account at the same time. If you have 10 devices playing 1 account, your speed of leveling up also x10. I hope you get what I mean. This is a secret that many people don’t know at all. I discovered when I was level 400+ which is a bit late. But if you know this golden tip now you can apply it if you have multiple devices in your home right now.

  4. Browser Speed Hack

    This only works on desktop computers, what is this speed hack about? I won’t tell you search my blog is somewhere in my blog posts. : P This speed hack can almost x3 your game play if you are using a desktop computer to play Slotomania.

  5. Listen To Music

    Slotomania music is too boring and keep listening to the music on Slotomania can make you sleep easily. Download pop, rock songs into your iPhone or smartphones and play it, listen the songs using your earphones. You will feel more relax and more excited to continue playing Slotomania. I have tested out myself but I don’t know it works for you.

  6. When you are tired – make use of the free spins in the game.

    Of course, when you are tired especially if you just back from work, etc. You won’t have the mood to play Slotomania or even think about leveling your Slotomania. So why not using your smartphones and launch Slotomania and use up all the free spins available in your account. This makes you get more coins and also level up if you are still at low levels like level 100 or below.

  7. Buy Coins From Slotomania or Just Get it For Free Using Slotomania Cheats

    This is not recommended but it is quite useful for low levels as buying big packages of coins can let you level up quickly. But for high levels (level 400+) or like me stuck at level 768 you do not need to buy any coin packages as you will lose the coin like water. For high levels, you will know what I’m talking about : ) because of the experience needed to level up is way too overwhelmed.

  8. Use a device or computer that loads faster?

    I’m using Samsung Galaxy note now and I’m experiencing a lot of unnecessary lags and hangs. Need to keep on restarting Slotomania application in order to play smoothly. What do you think if a slow device slows down your leveling speed this is for sure.

  9. Use Faster Internet Connection

    I experienced a lot of lags and hangs on Slotomania as I using low internet speed connection. You need a stable internet connection in order to play Slotomania smoothly without any problem. If your Slotomania keep on disconnecting, will this hinder you to level up? Yes, absolutely!

  10. Go to lucky slot rooms, that can win more coins.

    There are some rooms that can win more than the other rooms but I would not mention it because this varies from every person. Personally I have some rooms that I keep on winning and no matter what I won’t lose any much coins. You need to try out yourself so far I have found 5-6 rooms that I found profitable in winning.

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